Thursday, 1 February 2007

Gridless 001


In this first edition of our series of Gridless puzzles, you are hunting the elusive answerline -- the vertical word or phrase that provides a finishing logic to the puzzle.

It's a gentle puzzle to start: the answerline will be in plain view, formed by the initial letters of your answers. It will reveal what is common to just the entries 2 and 7.

1. 2240 pounds in America. (3,1,3)
2. Constellation, or charged particle. (5)
3. Impatient car noise. (4,4,4...)
4. Come to curb and hoist. (4,2)
5. Ms Krabappal too. (3,4)
6. Steals hammer or chisel. (5,4)
7. Egyptian fertility goddess exists twice. (4)
8. Off and unacceptable. (3,2)
9. The Menace did the Devil's work! (6,6)
10. Schumacher's transport. (7)
11. He directed "Anatomy of a Murder". (4)
12. Angry like the first man. (3,2,4)
13. Supermodel dictates letter. (4)
14. An area in mathematics (abbrev.) (5)


© Gridless 2007.


Brad Pitt said...

When I'm not battling it out with my partner's kids, I'm battling it out with your fiendish puzzles!

blondie said...

where can i get the answers to your puzzles?

Tom Lion said...

Email me with your requests for specific answers: